Private Archeological Ephesus Tour From Kusadasi

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Ephesus-Terrace House-Temple of Artemis-Museum of Ephesus

We make departures from Izmir, Bodrum and Marmaris too

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Archeological Ephesus

You are so curoius that you want to know every detail and is satisified only when you see what’s hidden behind? Then this is the tour for you.

In this tour we promise you the visits 

 Ephesus in all its detail.(From Roman baths to the second biggest library. Even the newer excavated part the Terrace Houses.)

 One of the seven Wonders of the World : Temple of Artemis

 The Museum of Ephesus.


 Ephesus was an ancient city of about 250000 inhabitants once upon a time

 The third biggest library of the ancient World is here.

 There lived one of the most important philosophers of all time that tried to answer ‘archaea’.

 Mother goddes Artemis that inspired the World was here.


 Ephesus was first erected by relentless Amazon women warriors and not surprisingly  Ephesians kept for a very long time a mother goddess as their deity. They built one of the seven ancient wonders of the World to stand forever. Though  it has kept its importance throughout th ages, it lived its most properous era at the time of the Romans, the time that we call ‘’Pax Romana’’. It became a center for Christians as Virgin Mary and John the evangalist lived here. There is very few ancient sites in the World that makes you feel and experience what it is like to wander in those times.

Available Language(s):
•Local tour guide (Monolingual)
Included Services:
•English Speaking Guide ( Ask for other languages if needed)
•Lunch in the local restaurant
•All sightseeing mentioned in the itinerary
•Transfer service from centrally located Kusadasi hotels or airport
•Land transportation by air-conditioned non-smoking vehicle
Excluded Services:
•Admission fees to attractions


 Private Vehicle

 Private Driver

 Proffessional Tourist Guide

 Parking Tickets

 Lunch in a Local Restaurant


 Entry tickets to the museum and sites.

 Tips to the guide and the driver


 You can add these visits to the tour as promotion (Free of Charge)

 Pottery making : The first men in the World lived in the caves but after we discovered fire, we learned how to cook so there was the need for plate and glasses. Easiest way to make them was with soil and in time, it became a way of expression, a way of art. Thats why pottery allover the World has different designs. Here you can see rare examples of Ottoman pottery designs and see how its manufactured.


 Rug Weaving : If you want to see an art that has its unique place deep inside the hearts of the Turks, this is the place to visit for you. Did you know that the oldest rug ever to be woven is Turkish? Did you know that the highest density carpet in the World is Turkish? Have you actually ever seen how they take the fiber from the caccoon? You can see Turkish women weaving it. You can actually try weaving it.


 Leather Metarials : Turkey is a country full of mountains and it is full of leather of the highest quality. Enjoy your time watching a model Show and see what quality means. 

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