Le Jacques Cartier is a luxury cruise ship that is part of the Ponant Explorer-class of ships operated by Ponant Cruises. It was built in 2018 and launched in July of that year. The ship is named after the famous French explorer and navigator, Jacques Cartier, who is credited with the discovery of Canada.

The ship is relatively small, with a length of 131 meters and a capacity of just 184 passengers, which allows for a more intimate and personalized cruising experience. It features 92 staterooms and suites, all with private balconies and ocean views, as well as a number of amenities and facilities including two restaurants, a bar, a spa, a fitness center, and a theater.

One of the notable features of Le Jacques Cartier is its innovative design, which incorporates the latest technology and environmentally friendly features. The ship is equipped with a hybrid propulsion system, which reduces its environmental impact by minimizing fuel consumption and emissions. It also has a dynamic positioning system that allows it to remain in place without anchoring, which further reduces its impact on sensitive marine ecosystems.

Le Jacques Cartier operates a variety of itineraries in destinations around the world, including Europe, the Arctic, the Antarctic, Asia, and the Americas. Its cruises typically focus on cultural and natural exploration, with opportunities for shore excursions, wildlife sightings, and immersive experiences in local communities.

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